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Bring your chemical company the logistics expertise needed

Logistics is a key factor in all industrial organisations: it directly affects your customers' satisfaction and your economic success.

Mastering your logistics organization requires a lot of experience, because each organization is unique and the solutions are very varied. The problem is even greater when we add the technical and regulatory constraints of chemistry.

Expertise is therefore essential to save time, efficiency and serenity.

That’s why I created AKEOL:

Exclusively dedicated to chemical manufacturers, based in Lyon's area but operating throughout France and Europe, AKEOL supports its customers on all their logistical issues:

- Purchasing services and developing constructive relationships with your logistics partners (parcels or bulk);

- optimising your supply chain and the internal organisation of your logistics,

- support and compliance with ADR, IATA and IMDG regulations,

Through day-to-day support, one-off assignments or shared-time expert assignments, I support my clients in improving their logistics performance.

Turn your carriers and logistics providers into development partner

Your carriers and logistics providers are key elements of the quality of service perceived by your customers.
It is therefore necessary to build sustainable and quality partnerships with them, but by remaining open to change in order to deploy new solutions.
This requires time and expertise that is difficult to access without recruiting a logistics buyer.

Optimize your logistics performance with expert support

Logistics is a human profession where the solutions provided must be tailored to the company’s strategy but also to the skills of the women and men who make it up.

It is also a technical profession where the variety of experiences brings a real added value to the analysis of the situation.
However, it is difficult to recruit this expertise, especially since it is not necessarily necessary to have it full-time and year-round. AKEOL allows you to outsource the feeding of your logistics

Make sure you are in compliance with the regulations for the transport of Dangerous Goods

The ADR regulations for the transport of dangerous goods are complex to control and it is often complicated to understand all the obligations that a company must comply with and those that it can exempt itself from.

From the package to the liquid tank to the powder silos, you can rely on a security advisor to analyze your position with regard to the regulations and benefit from the best advice to bring you into compliance.

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