Increase your logistics performance with the support of an expert

Logistics is something about human relations where the solutions provided must be tailored to the strategy of the company but also to the skills of the women and men who constitute it.
It is also a technical profession where the variety and richness of experience brings real added value in the face of the difficulties sometimes encountered, yet it is not necessarily necessary to have this skill full time and all year round.

Thus, whether as part of a one-off project or that of a time-shared logistics manager assignment, AKEOL helps you develop your organization and your logistics teams by supporting you with the changes necessary for your progress.

Give yourself the tools and the means to progress

Depending on your organization and the skills you already have internally, you define the level of support you want to benefit from to develop your business.

AKEOL then puts all its experience at your service to help you progress in your organization, to understand your levers for improving your logistics so that you can increase your performance.

Identify your levers for progress through a diagnosis of your organization

Through a diagnosis adapted to the needs of SMEs and mid-cap companies that covers all areas of your supply chain, your logistics organization will be assessed in order to identify the strengths and possible areas for improvement to optimize the management of your flows.

This assessment integrates all the supply chain processes from the planning, physical organization and security processes of your warehouse, as well as the management of your information and communication flows with your service providers, while integrating the parameters safety of your employees.

This diagnostic will allow you to identify your levers for progress and set up a concrete action plan allowing you to progress in all areas of your supply chain, both in terms of your quality of service and / or your budget.

Benefit from a timeshare logistics manager

Through a frequency that we will define together, AKEOL allows you to access the experience of a logistics and transport manager, experienced in the chemicals sector, without having to recruit.

It will provide you with the skills necessary for the performance of your logistics activity and to help your teams progress as if you had recruited a logistics manager.

From the simplest actions to those with the most visible results, all of your employees will immerse themselves in the process to subsequently integrate the more complex processes into long-term results.

Rely on an expert in your field for your logistics projects.

Many ideas remain in the draft stage without lack of time or internal skills.

Whatever the state of progress of your project and whatever human resources you have, AKEOL supports you until it comes to fruition

Bring a fresh gaze to your organization

Need an outside look at your business to give your organization new impetus?
Need advice to meet new needs?

Some projects such as a move, an expansion, or the outsourcing of your activity are not always easy to carry out alone, AKEOL supports you in defining the main organizational axes to put in place to optimize your flows and the new organization.

Take advantage of this new configuration, to reinvent yourself and be even more competitive.

Occasionally reinforce your teams with a transition logistics manager

Starting a new activity, installing a new TMS or WMS, wanting to digitize its activity, some projects require additional skills to carry out the necessary transformations without disrupting your normal activity.

AKEOL integrates your organization and its strategy to bring all the experience necessary to carry out your projects.

As part of interim management or support for your current managers, the support of an expert is the simple and effective solution to support you in your projects, through the particular difficulties or exceptional situations that must be faced. your company.