Past projects and achievements

Every business and every situation is different, but the variety of experiences is often a source of inspiration; and whatever the difficulty or the project, creativity is often necessary to identify the solution or solutions to be put in place.

Perhaps you will find in the examples and testimonies below situations close to yours.

Increase its attractiveness to logistics providers

For decades, the observation with each call for tenders has been the same: a regular increase in prices and a scarcity of offers from potential providers: the circle is vicious, suppliers imagine that you do not want to make any change.

By anticipating the purchasing process, revising the specifications and communicating differently with potential new suppliers, we have created new market conditions:

This resulted in savings of over 10%, obtained without affecting the quality of service.

Deploy collaborative tools to accelerate RFP-RFQ processes

Many salespeople, collaborators, solicited the purchasing departments by email to obtain price estimates; the requests were very similar, and often incomplete.

Without using complex tools on which there is little visibility, collaborative tools have been created to make requests more reliable and accelerate their processes.

AKEOL supports you in creating these tailor-made tools which can find applications in quality systems, purchasing, etc.

Define a new washing and sanitizing process

The transport of raw materials in liquid bulk for a customer was a source of dissatisfaction due to light product pollution. It was then the complete washing process that had to be reviewed:

Define the products authorized in prior loading with the carrier, identify the procedures and methodologies to be implemented with the washing station, and above all define the responsibilities of each in a service contract has ensured, an irreproachable and systematic quality to destination

Rehabilitate a logistics warehouse

An activity and a logistics warehouse already saturated and yet the prospects for growth were there. Solutions had to be found without investing.

After an analysis of the structures in place and the analysis of the operations carried out, new opportunities emerge:
- Certain time consuming tasks can be reviewed in the process to reduce the time spent there by nearly 50%.
- The annex area, which was not designed for storage, was not easily accessible: however improvements and some investments have transformed it into a perfectly usable storage area.

Relocate subcontracted services

The company outsourced its conditioning and packaging operations to an external service provider, the quality was there.
But for one of the recipient customers, specific packaging of one of the products is required and the cost much higher: The organization mode suffers above all from little flexibility in terms of planning.

By outsourcing this specific packaging to another provider, far away, but located close to the customer, planning flexibility has been significantly increased, while reducing the cost by more than 20%.

Extend your sourcing to find specific containers

The product, delivered in a liquid bulk tank, was very sensitive to temperature variations and deliveries to the end customer were complicated because they were too viscous. In addition, the logistics costs were very high.

After a search for new technical solutions, a supplier was identified for its expertise in this field, the specifications were completely in line with its field of excellence. The service being common for him, the quality is now systematically at the rendezvous and a similar budget.