Logistics and transport of chemicals, two areas of expertise to serve you

The advice of an expert is the best solution to progress in your organization and be sure to make the right decisions, whatever your field. However, it is not necessary on a daily basis.

So, just like the accountant who backs up your accounting team, I created AKEOL to bring this logistics expertise to all chemical companies wishing to give themselves the means to progress.



Performance catalyst

In the course of the many projects carried out in recent years, certain elements have proved to be essential for the success of the projects:

Be pragmatic:
No need to create "gas factories": the solutions developed must be simple so that they can be implemented effectively: Each employee must be able to easily understand their objectives and benefits.

Stay rigorous:
Because success sometimes relies on small details and because the performance of logistics is often measured by its ability to respond to all possible hazards and situations, it is important to carefully integrate all the parameters of the organization

Don't forget to be creative:
Do not get stuck on an a priori that limit the range of possibilities: Be imaginative, listen to and arouse the ideas of all stakeholders in order to identify all the possibilities in a situation.

Act with benevolence :
Logistics is still and above all a story of people, behind the tools and statistical data: The involvement and motivation of employees is decisive in the success of projects.

A rich experience, exercised from both angles

Twelve years with a world-class freight forwarder, building logistics solutions for my clients, and looking for productivity for existing logistics sites: Director of a transport agency and logistics platform, then operations manager for the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region, I supported the various agencies in the region in the deployment of their progress plans through audits of transport and logistics activities.

Eight years in a global chemicals group, in charge of European transport purchasing: In charge of bulk transport, I have built a network of quality suppliers throughout Europe, knowing how to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses in each of them.

My expertise and my experience have led me to review the purchasing processes, adapting them to the technicality and level of criticality of these flows, and welcomed by the global purchasing department.

Diplômes et certificats

Dangerous Goods Transport Safety Advisor:
ADR, class 2 to 9 (except 7): chemicals and gases

IATA accredited and IMDG trained:
IATA category 1-2-3,

APICS-CPIM, Supply-Chain:
International Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Professional trainer:
Certificate of Competence in Business from the CCI Rhône-Alpes,

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