Transform your carriers and logistics providers as partners in your development

Your carriers and logistics providers are key elements in the quality of service perceived by your customers.
You must therefore build sustainable and quality partnerships with them, while remaining open to changes in order to deploy new solutions.
This requires time and expertise for which the recruitment of a logistics buyer becomes necessary: AKEOL brings you another solution.

Professionalize your logistics purchases without recruiting

From the development of the requirement book to the monitoring of the performance of your service providers, thanks to AKEOL, benefit from a timeshare logistics buyer who brings you his expertise and his network in a structured purchasing process that creates value added.

The support applies to conditioned freight but also to liquid bulk and powdered bulk, which are markets requiring even more expertise.

Reduce your transport budget through formalized calls for tenders that bring about change

Through a formalized process, AKEOL take you through a structured purchasing process that goes far beyond simply comparing prices.
It is a process that requires time and organization: AKEOL supports you in this tailor-made purchasing process while leaving you in total control of your decision:

- Identification of needs with the various stakeholders,
- Development of the specifications which will serve as a basis for the future partnership,
- Consultation and market analysis with a broad base of suppliers,
- Validation and contractualization of the chosen solution,
- Support for the start-up of new service providers

This long-term support will allow you to carry out changes that are sometimes difficult to carry out when the history or the technical nature of the specifications create obstacles to change.

Improve the quality of your customer service thanks to new suppliers

The world of transport, road and multimodal, is changing rapidly, new solutions are being created and the quality of services is changing rapidly.
The innovation of some, through new logistical or technical solutions, can sometimes be the source of commercial success.

AKEOL develops its network of carriers on a daily basis through active prospecting and thanks to its other customers, to provide you with a broad and qualified base of service providers allowing you to discover technical or geographical specialists.
Whether in packages, pallets, liquid tank or powder silo, you have easy access to innovative suppliers, efficient but often difficult to identify alone.

This is even more true for liquid bulk or powdered bulk transport, where experience and broad knowledge of the European transport market becomes a major asset key factor for your company and the guarantee of being able to organize complex flows and / or techniques with perfect quality.

Develop strong partnerships with your service providers

Establishing a constructive relationship with its partners takes time, because it is a story of human relationship, and yet it is a key element to progress.
This relationship of partnership makes it possible to progress together over the long term in the face of the difficulties encountered; by relying on an expert to build this relationship, your business will save time and gain credibility with your suppliers.

Bring serenity and competence to your logistics department

Annual revaluation, fuel indexation, new taxes, one-off additional costs, delivery surcharges, it is not always easy to understand your carriers' price requests, their economic justification or their method of calculation. It can especially become very time consuming.

AKEOL thus benefits from a naturally broader vision of changes in transport costs, and can thus quickly analyze the merits of your service providers' requests and give you the keys to better understand them.

The arguments are sometimes difficult to find or understand. With AKEOL's support, you and your employees benefit from expert support to answer these questions or guide you on the steps to be taken. : you can provide reasoned answers to your service providers' requests without jeopardizing the relationship of trust established with them.

Deploy progress plans with your partners

Your transporter is one of the keys to the quality perceived by your customers: he must meet your requirements but above all must progress, with you.
AKEOL, integrating the constraints of your service providers' organizations, helps you develop this relationship to meet your organizational and security requirements, and your performance expectations.

Measuring performance, analyzing the difficulties encountered, identifying and implementing corrective solutions takes time and can be ineffective when one does not have sufficient experience. While remaining simple and pragmatic, AKEOL helps you build simple indicators to measure your performance on a daily basis.
These indicators and all the quality performance monitoring that will be put in place will be the basis of the progress plans that will be built and monitored with your carriers or your logistics provider.