Customer testimonials

Customer satisfaction has often been driven by new ideas that have led to breakthrough results, including the following testimonials

GEFCO : Branch Manager

Gonzague Collong (source LinkedIn) :

« J'ai recruté Freddy pour prendre la direction du site de GEFCO Fahy en Suisse. Il a su, en 3 ans, conduire avec succès des changements stratégiques dans l'organisation de la filiale avec la pédagogie nécessaire auprès de ses équipes. Il a ainsi transformé ce site unique et multi-métiers en 2 centres de profits distincts (transports à Delémont et logistique à Fahy) qui sont devenus tous les deux rentables rapidement. Cette transformation a donné la base de la nouvelle organisation de la filiale. »

SOLVAY : Group General Manager - Purchasing and Supply-Chain Excellence

« You took the ownership and changed the tendering process in a very creative approach to meet the very specific needs of different GBUs. You also succeeded to negotiate a high supplier invest for Solvay.

These qualities are an asset for the company and (...) we greatly appreciate your efforts and your commitment. We are delighted to have such valuable staff like you with us (...) »

SOLVAY : Purchasing & Logistics Manager GBU Acetow

Hartmut Schwartz (source LinkedIn)

« Freddy supported us as European Logistics Buyer in a business critical situation when our existing provider for a very specific bulk logistic flow (food grade, international flow, just in time) faced business continuity issues. Thanks to his achievement drive and professionalism, Freddy set up two new logistics providers within a time frame of one month while ensuring all the necessary steps like preparation of a detailed specification, RFQ, check of HSE and product quality aspects, test transports and phase out of the existing provider »

SOLVAY : Logistics Lead GBU Technology Solutions

Richard Cope (source LinkedIn)

« I worked with Freddy in his capacity as European Logistics Buyer to challenge our bulk logistics model and realise a new method of working. Freddy was able to interpret our specific site requirements and communicate this through the tender process. The result was a successful transition to a new bulk logistics model for the site. »

SOLVAY : Supply Chain Manager GBU Novecare

Matthieu Bureau (source LinkedIn)

« Je vous recommande vivement de rentrer en contact avec AKEOL, Freddy a une véritable expérience pro dans le transport et le secteur de la chimie. Sa valeur ajoutée était reconnue chez Solvay (…). »

SOLVAY : EMEA Regional Order Fulfilment Manager GBU Technology Solutions

Louise Mardling

« Freddy is a real character and fun to work with, he displays a quick understanding of contracts / operational agreements (...) and is able to get up to speed quickly and contribute / support the site.
He is focused and diligently follows through the detail to deliver the right result.
He is always available to assist with logistics issues »